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Get Found Online with Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Simple News for Getting Found Online!
Get Found Online with Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

Simple Marketing Now Newsletter November 2013

Hi there,

With the holidays right around the corner and the pressure building to find perfect gifts, I'm grateful beyond words for online search. Search is how I make sense of choices; it's how I educate myself; it's how I get ideas and figure out who to purchase from.

The same goes for our customers, whether searching for business products or consumer ones, whether those products are destined for Christmas stockings or normal day-to-day operations.

That means that the pressure is increasing for our businesses to get found online. If we can get into our customers' heads - or walk in their shoes - we can better understand the questions and issues they have. Once we do, we can address those on our website, in our blog content, in our email communications, and on social networks. We can share our expertise with them via our online content in a way meaningful to them.

Here are a few resources you may find helpful as you consider how to become more visible online - and how to use search to find resources relevant to you: 

Once customers find you, consider having readily available on your home page an offer that they might download - and which gives you the opportunity to capture lead information about them. To learn how that offer might fit into your overall marketing, consider downloading our latest eBook about "How to Create Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns." It's highlighted in the sidebar.

Finally, the blog articles below provide perspective on the customer experience, on how to get started with attracting visitors and converting them into leads and customers and how to ensure that the relationship building emails you send customers are ones they welcome and open! 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving ...and great success searching!




Christine B. Whittemore

Chief Simplifier - Simple Marketing Now


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New eBook! How To Create Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Wondering how to translate the hard-earned knowledge you have about customers and their problems into a means for generating leads? Consider developing a content offer campaign focused on prospective customers that guides them while highlighting the expertise you have. Our new eBook explains how. 

This new eBook, titled How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign, helps you develop marketing campaigns to effectively connect with - and convert - prospective customers searching for solutions you offer. 


 Won't you download the offer? 


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Tips and Insights for Getting Found Online

Articles Featured on our Blogs to Inspire You To Connect With Customers With Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing


7 Customer Experience Insights from Charity: Water

7 Customer Experience Insights from Charity: Water

Are you familiar with Charity:Water? Founded in 2006, the organization has reimagined how donating money for a worthy cause (in this case, ensuring that clean water is available to all) is done.

Having recently created a Charity:Water campaign in honor of my dad, I was struck with how intuitively friendly, talk worthy and fun Charity:Water has made giving and contributing to a cause. In fact, I came up with 7 customer experience insights for you to consider for your business - whether it's a charity or not.

7 Customer Experience Insights from Charity: Water


How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing

How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing

Have you been wondering how to get started with inbound marketing?

That means that you're ready to embrace a different approach for attracting visitors to your site, converting them from visitor into lead and eventually into customer. In other words, you are ready to dump outbound marketing tactics in favor of a gentler, more practical trust-building approach for connecting with customers.

How To Get Started With Inbound Marketing


How To Create Email Marketing Customers Welcome? Show Respect!

How To Create Email Marketing Customers Welcome? Show Respect!

Email marketing is possibly the most effective inbound marketing tool available. After all, it allows you to develop an ongoing relationship with potential customers. It enables you to demonstrate intense respect for your customers so that they welcome and treasure your messages.

And yet, that's not what we experience with email marketing nowadays... Too much of email marketing is about outbound marketing.

How To Create Email Marketing Customers Welcome? Show Respect!



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