News and Resources to Help You Get Found Online for Thanks Giving 2015!
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News for Getting Found Online ~ Thanksgiving 2015

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As you head into the holidays, don't you hope that all of your shopping interactions will be if not memorable than at least tolerable? I caught up with my friend Denise Lee Yohn whose new ebook focuses on the extraordinary experiences that brands deliver. You'll enjoy learning more in the article below.

I read recently that the lack of a business mission contributes to employee burnout. What's your experience? "What Makes Mission Statements Powerful?" will spark ideas.

If you've noticed that online search is changing, you'll want to read "How To Get Found On Google." It's a peek into the future as it unfolds now.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your celebrations be filled with endless opportunities to practice gratitude. (BTW did you hear about the teacher who praises his students every morning before class?)



Christine B. Whittemore
Chief Simplifier - Simple Marketing Now


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Ideas & Insights For Getting Found Online

Denise Lee Yohn: How Great Brand Building Creates Extraordinary Experiences


How Great Brand Building Creates Extraordinary Experiences

If you are grappling with how to build your brand so you can create truly extraordinary experiences for your customers, you're in luck. Brand building expert Denise Lee Yohn has released her second book...

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What Makes Mission Statements Powerful?


What Makes Mission Statements Powerful?

I should qualify. What makes great mission statements powerful? Those are ones that great brands and businesses create. They come from the heart and capture the higher purpose of the organization.

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How To Get Found On Google


How To Get Found On Google

Have you noticed how search results on Google are changing? In some cases, it's almost as if Google were reading your mind. It's not across all search queries - yet. It's happening, though. This evolution will affect how to get found on Google for your business.

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