News and Resources to Help You Get Found Online for Holiday 2015
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News for Getting Found Online ~ Holidays 2015

Hello there,

One joy of the holiday season has to do with stories.

Whether it's Elf, The Night Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or even How The Grinch Stole Christmas, these stories capture imaginations and generate good feelings.

Storytelling is powerful. Imagine applying this art to your business to make it more memorable. For tips, check out my interview with master storyteller, Ron Ploof.

Do you use Google Analytics to guide your marketing? This is the subject of a presentation I am giving at TISE in January. The article below provides an overview (including a video teaser!). If you can't attend and want to learn more, send me an email. If there's interest, I will schedule a webinar session.

In the last article, I highlight how landing pages work.

And, if you're in search of time management wisdom as inspiration for 2016, read this Google email about transforming manage time into make time. Guess what my New Year's resolution is? 

Wishing You Happiness, Good Stories for 2016

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2016!



Christine B. Whittemore
Chief Simplifier - Simple Marketing Now


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Ideas & Insights For Getting Found Online

StoryTelling The Business Way With Ron Ploof


StoryTelling The Business Way With Ron Ploof

Once upon a time, there was a really gifted storyteller. His name was Ron Ploof. Every day he found a reason to tell stories to help others understand things better. Then one day, he decided to take on Project Lizzie to tell the story of someone who lived 100 years ago based on 99 postcards. Because of that, he connected the dots between his own storytelling story...

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How Website Analytics Helps Your Business


How Website Analytics Helps Your Business

I liken website analytics to a GPS for online business success. It enables you to measure your online results so you can ensure that your website truly functions as a 24/7 business asset that supports your sales and marketing activities. It gives you information on your visitors, and the different channels that drive them to your site...

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What is a Landing Page and How Does it Work?


What is a Landing Page and How Does it Work?

Do you know what a 'landing page' is? Sometimes it's meant as a destination page - i.e., any page where website visitors land when they first reach your site. In fact, you'll notice a report in Google Analytics which examines landing page traffic...

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